Zombie Travel Bug

From the sulci, lobes and fissures of the brains of LAWERENCEM and ZEKESTER, we bring you, dear reader a twisted tale of the macabre. Perhaps we were affected by growing up in Baltimore, Maryland where Edgar Allan Poe is buried.  Perhaps we had brain fevers as children.  More likely, we’re just warped from eating too much Spam. Anyway, you’ve likely come here having found an infected travel bug (A.K.A Zombie Travel Bug, or ZTB) while geocaching, and you are curious to know more.  Hopefully we will sate your craving for knowledge.  Sort of like hungering for BRAAAINS, in a way.

So here’s what’s going on – We’ve built this website to track how the zombie plague might spread through geocaching.  The Transmission Graph page (accessed by the tab labelled “Transmission Graph” above) shows you a graphic representation of who infected whom, and has links to the Groundspeak page of each infected ZTB we’ve released. Each ZTB has a human history (it is important to remember that zombies were people once, just like you and me), which is documented in their description on their page on Groundspeak. It is there you will find how that ZTB contracted the disease in the first place.

The “News” tab is our blog, where we will announce new ZTB releases, and the events that affect the ZTBs in play, as well as new developments. Note that this is not updated continuously, but will be updated routinely as we can get to it. Keep in mind that we are still trying to survive here, fortifying the bunker, scouting for supplies, and fighting off the zombie hordes. Lately scurvy has been a problem, so any of you with extra vitamin C would be welcome if you can fight your way through.

Essentially the way it works is an infected bug enters the game when we launch it somewhere.  When that bug is grabbed, dropped off, visits a cache, those events correspond to a geospatial point in time.  This site tracks those events graphically, by dropping dots and colors for intensity on a map. The tab above labelled “ZTB – Dispersion map” displays the overall map showing how the spread of the disease is progressing. Individual maps for each bug released can be toggled on and off, so you can see each ZTB’s contribution to the dispersion of the plague. You will note that, over time, as a ZTB moves around, more places get infected.  There are always, of course, more bugs (zombies) coming too. Again, we should note that map updating is a manual process (thus far) and does not occur instantaneously. Provided we are not overrun, or trapped outside the bunker, we hope to do that on a weekly basis…

35 Responses to Origins

  1. ZombieHNTR says:

    I have captured Zombie #46-KYLE.

  2. Run Amok says:

    “Patient 32 – Fabian” is on the move.

  3. NCPositronics says:

    “Patient 75 – Jesse” is resting comfortably in the reference section of the Charleston County Public Library in South Carolina, researching the Zombie Plague among the stacks.

  4. Donna and Mike says:

    Patient #34– retrieved from Three Wise Men in Baltimore, Maryland/ Will move it along.

  5. Nicodemo says:

    Zombie Kyle feels the pull of the pioneers and is headed west.

  6. USN Radio Chief says:

    Found PATIENT # 81 – JUAN on the CAM trail — I got a feeling this zomb might end up at GeoWoodstock.

  7. Brendan Kross says:

    Hey, heard your awesome idea on Podcacher. We geocache when we can but i you ever want one in Northern NSW Australia then we would love to help. We live in Moree NSW, Australia but travel around a bit every now and then. Anyway, i’m sure you have heaps of requests but just putting our name out there 🙂

    Brendan Kross
    aka TeamKross

  8. SylverWinged says:

    Found Patient #44 wandering in the Arizona desert! I’ve taken Algernon in for some testing then will release him back into the wild. 😀

  9. GnomesAway says:

    Was exposed to Patients #107 and 108 at the Berkshire Geobash in Pittsfield, MA on July 19, 2014. Patient #107 followed me home. He’s growing anxious and is looking to further infect caches in CT. Love this idea! Thank you for adding to the adventure. He has infected one of my gnomes. I will post a picture on

  10. cooley says:

    I have been caught by PATIENT # 118 – DWIGHT.

    I think he needs to travel south soon.

  11. madre6095 says:

    Patients #129, 130, 131 and 132 were just spotted in Calgary, Alberta and are getting ready to spread their infection in Iceland!

  12. ProgKing says:

    Patient #106 is in my care. Tonight we will watch Lucio Fulci’s The Beyond and tomorrow we may go caching together. Rest assured, he will be well cared for and visit lots of interesting places!

  13. UkiPiper says:

    Patient # 118 Dwight, showed up at the Pizza Party on Staten Island, New York today. I am not carrying the plague, I work in Manhattan so I fear I might spread him there soon.

  14. K-Surprize says:

    Patient #135 – Keith is on the move in Dubai with Disney on Ice.

  15. Henni says:

    PATIENT #71 – VERNE is now infecting Iceland but bloody freezing 🙂

  16. UkiPiper says:


  17. Irishflea says:

    I have just been made of this… I believe nightmare is the proper description to use. I am… interested in, let’s say, “conducting research” on how these nightmarish conditions came about. I might be willing to offer my services….

  18. Irishflea says:

    I am currently beginning to network with geocachers across the state of Nebraska to set up a Zombie Outbreak–Nebraska geocache series. I am aiming to complete the setup of this series by spring 2016. A friend of mine made me aware of this project you have going and I was curious how I might incorporate what you have going on with what I am planning. The central story line that I am considering is that a Top Secret research program had been trying to weaponize a strain of the flu viris when a technician inadvertently dropped a specimen, breaking it on the floor. While the technician was trying to clean up the mess, he accidently cut himself on a piece of the glass, infecting himself with the virus. Not wanting to lose his job due to his carelessness, the technician disposed of the ruined specimen and told no one of the incident. Days later, his wife found out just exactly how he died when she discovered his journal while sorting through his personal belongings. (The story line, from here I imagine) would be the technician waking as a zombie at the research center, and wreaking havoc.) I am curious if there was a story line you all used for your project or if this was just some kind of experiment you all had. I really like what you have going on and would love to work with you guys somehow.

  19. kitkat425 says:

    I have patient #148 Leon in my care. Got stuck in land between the lakes ky. Visiting and infecting the country side of w ky, think he has plans to visit Illinois in the coming weeks.

  20. joe says:

    We were at Geowoodstock XIII, and saw Raymond sitting all alone while one of the star Geocachers gave a speech to all the newbies. I asked about Raymond, and now he is up here in NJ spreading his love to anyone who will listen….. while he eats their braaaaaaaains!

  21. BigBill54 says:

    Patient #190, Marcus, was forced into my hand at GCHQ on August 31, 2015. I was headed to the Klondike and figured I could distract him there long enough to make an escape… but, NO! He managed to infect several caches as we visited there, but kept climbing back into my pack.
    Now I’m back in Ohio… he mocks me.
    Where can I pass him off as harmless, until his new keeper discovers his sordid secret?

  22. Thursty4Booty says:

    We’ve been contaminated by patient – 146 HORATIO … We will pass on the disease next weekend when we get put of the county (he seems to have been circling lol)

  23. rodndor says:

    Patient 21 – Boris was the subject of a TB Rescue Mission Requst. Subject zombie was located and retreived. He has since excaped back into the wild near Stafford, Virginia USA.

  24. ramoth111187 says:

    Patient 238 – Landon was retrieved from a wooded cache in Gulph Mills, PA. I hope he doesn’t sneak into my bag for my upcoming geocaching event; who knows who could be infected!

  25. @wilbertoord says:

    PATIENT # 136 – HARRY has emerged from under the groun in The Netherlands and will be exposed again to other cachers in the near future!

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  27. eklund.sporre says:

    PATIENT # 71 VERNE was the subject of a TB Rescue Mission Request and is now traveling with us for some time. Picked up him at “GC678W2 – XMAS2015U – 05 Tomtens Letterbox” yesterday.

  28. ramoth111187 says:

    Landon #238 has indeed snuck aboard my luggage as I went to North Redington Beach, FL for an event. The Horror!

  29. lalair says:

    Ajip, patient #47 has now travelled from South Wales and has made it to London. With that sort of population he can’t fail to bring death to millions!

  30. Odyssey X says:

    Grabbed #294 & #295 at a CITO event in Philadelphia, PA. Will move’s along soon.

  31. nsk says:

    #135 (Keith) decided to change country and took couple of flights, first from Oslo, Norway to Helsinki, Finland, and there he spent an hour at the airport and just got bored. Then another quick flight inside Finland and now he ended up to Turku!

  32. Tony S. says:

    Patient # 266 is resting comfortably in Cañon City, Colorado after infecting several areas in Montana, Wyoming and Colorado. Good luck, little fella!

  33. Bigben2311 says:

    I captured patient # 204. AARON

  34. RickRock says:

    I have captured patient #294 from his hiding place in the Strathcona wilderness GCA6, just a few Kms east of Edmonton Alberta. I think I will move him somewhere to the east in a more traveled Travel Bug hotel. I will comment again when I find a suitable location.

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