ZTB Central HQ in Maryland Restored

Many thanks to the Mercury Team for reporting in our absence, and for the dozens of folks (many of whom we sadly lost in the battle) who helped reclaim our original compound. We apologize for the intermittent reporting that has plagued our efforts, and are working with renewed vigor to bring you the latest and most accurate data we can on the spread the ZTB plague.

We’ve burned our dead, revamped the servers and are moving onward.

Since the Mercury Team reported on 30 OCT there have been 9 known ZTBs marked missing. There have been no reports on new ZTBs. we had 17376 sightings in 45 of the United States. Nevada, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Virginia Maryland and Florida all had over 225 hits. Texas, New Hampshire, Ohio and New York all had better than 100 hits. The maps below may tell the story better.

There were 1566 sitings in 39 other countries around the world during the same reporting period. Here, Germany continues to be worst hit, followed by France, Finland, Belgium and Kenya. The upsurge f activity in Africa is most worrisome. Below are snapshots of activity of this reporting period in Europe and worldwide:

Stay safe out there folks. No telling what is in store for 2107….

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