Long overdue refresh

A lot has happened since February. You may recall we had successfully repelled 3 onslaughts at the time of the last posting, well, we were not so successful on the fourth. Overrun AGAIN.

Zekester got bit. We’d frozen his stem cells, as well as some bone marrow and a portion of his mustache. His cloning is going well, although the mind-swap upload from hardware to wetware has been a bit glitchy. Personally, I’m not sure anyone will notice the difference.

Anyway, rather than pound you with numbers, here’s a graphic:

Hits in all of the states and DC. Europe gone to shit. Summertime in northern Europe no picnic. Increased activity in South America, South Africa and Australia neck and neck. Not the sort of competition that appeals, really. Malyasia up and coming, poor bastards. Well, you’ve got the picture. Keep your head down, and if you are in the states, go to Arkansas, they only had one hit this period. If you can get there.


2nd Lieutenant Damien

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